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The Aloe Vera Plant is a traditional medicinal plant that boasts beautiful green leaves that can be snipped to be use as a "gel" to relive small burns and itches. 

Light: The more sun the better! The Aloe Vera Plant prefers full direct sun light but bright indirect sunlight can be ok too. Not suitable for low to low light spaces. 

Water: Aloe Vera Plants like to dry out between watering's. Water when the top 3"-4" of soil feels dry. Aloe Vera Plants are susceptible to root rot, so don't water too often, they are a very forgiving plant if you miss a watering. We suggest checking soil every 10-14 days for moisture levels. 

Our 6" Aloe Vera Plants come in a nursery pot perfect for dropping into your favourite plant pot. 

This is a new item. 

Live plants are available for city wide delivery and local pick up. Currently live plants are not applicable for Canadian wide shipping. 

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