KSP Framed Flora + Fauna Art Prints

Style: Navy Frame
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By local Manitoban Artist Kirsch St. Prints

"I have a love for Tropical Plants and Houseplants, along with a variety of animals and species. This Minimalist Dotwork Series showcases this interest and hobby of mine. From local Florals, Animals and Insects of Canada, to the tropical elements in nature that I have encountered in my travels. Given the distinct blackwork and dotwork style of these prints, they look great as a series or individually, they make a strong modern impact together or in singles."

We chose to frame a couple of our favourite 4x6 Flora + Fauna art prints making them perfect for any plant shelfie or plant lover in your life.

Wooden Frame: 6.5"H x 4.5"L

Navy Blue Frame: 6.25"H x 4.25"L

All images are originally hand-drawn by me, Kris Kuzdub and edited in Photoshop.
Paper: 100lb matte white cardstock

@kirschstprints [instagram + facebook]

This is a mix of new and pre-loved items.

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