Norse Plant Hanger

Style: Without Pots
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My Valhalla Soaps is much more than beautiful naturally made skin products, they are talented makers of stunning macrame pieces. Such as these locally sourced and made by hand Norse Plant Hangers. 

Plant Hanger Measures: 39"H x 24"L x 5.5"D.

Nine holes hold 4" plant pots.

Two metal hooks at top for easy hanging. 

Available with out without 4" plant pots.

With pots option includes: Nine 3.75"H x 4"D pots made from agricultural harvest byproducts including straw, bamboo skin, corn and coffee husks. They are rigid and durable, making them lighter than ceramic and have a light colour making them look like natural stone. Due to the pots natural ingredients, each may vary slightly in colour.

Plants sold separately.

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