Reusable Produce Bags S/3

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STOP using single-use plastic produce bags!

These reusable Bento-style Produce Bags are stylish, eco-friendly and made locally by 8 O'clock Crafts. 

These bags are great for fruits and veggies, bulk food shopping, fresh bread or in your bread basket, for taking to the farmer’s name it!
NO drawstring, clasps, snaps, or Velcro closures. Simply fill and tie! Use them straight from the grocery store to food storage in your fridge. Handy to keep apples, oranges, potatoes etc... in your crisper drawers.
Then toss them in the wash when they get dirty and use again!

These come in a set of 3 bags.
Size is approximately 13” wide and 12.5” high.
The bags fold up small and tuck easily into your purse, bag or backpack.
These bags are made using a single thickness of fabric, meaning they are NOT lined and have a finished (serged) turned hem around the edges. They are lightweight yet sturdy.

Made from 100% cotton.

Can be washed and dried on any temperature.

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