S/7 Artilife Medium Wall Planter

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This Artilife Medium Wall Planter, set of seven, are self watering hanging planters/ flower pots that are suitable for planting indoors and outdoors. 

Each hanging pot measures: 7"L x 6"W x 6"H overall height is 8"H

Made of high quality PP white plastic material.

90° vertical design creates the perfect joint with the wall allowing the planters to hang straight. With a hanging hole, you could use a sticky hook or nail to hang the planters on any wall type.

The double-layer design allows excess water to be stored in the bottom and self watering to the plants. Please do not exceed the water level above the inner basket, it will cause plants to die of root rot.

Suitable for home decoration by simply setting on any table, counter or desk to bring natural beauty to your home or office this set is also a great gift for your friends who love planting.

This is a pre-loved item. 

Plants sold separately.

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