Assorted Milk Glass

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Milk glass was created during the Victorian era as an inexpensive alternative to fine china. The opaque white glass used in milk glass is thicker and less costly to produce because it is made from glass, not porcelain.

Thanks to a frenzy of mass production during the 1950s and 1960s from companies such as Anchor Hocking, Fenton, Westmoreland and Avon the mid-century finds are readily available today. 

We use Milk Glass in 50% of our projects due to their versatility, delicacy and beauty in color and design. All of our Milk Glass pieces come from different time periods but we assure they are ready to beautify any of your spaces! 


A: 8.75"H X 2.75"D (base) X 1.5"D (mouth)

B: 6"H X 2.75"D (base) X 1.5"D (mouth) 

C: 9.75"H X 3.25"D (base) X 1.75"D (mouth) 

D:  6"H X 2.5"D (base) X 1.5"D (mouth)

E: 6.25"H X 4"D 

F: 8.25"H X 3.25"L X 2.75" W X 1.5"D (mouth) 

G: 6"H X 2.5"D (base) X 1.5"D (mouth) 

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