Decorative Letter A's

Material: Chunky Lowercase
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Personalize your space with our Decorative Letter A's! Whether its for a nursery/kids room, an entryway or your living room, these decor pieces are a great way to incorporate a meaningful letter/initial into your space! 

Our A's can be wall hung, hooks and keyholes on backs, or stand on their own for a perfect shelfie addition. 


Gold: 8"L X 1"W X 8"H (from Anthropology)

Chunky Lowercase: 3"L X 0.75" W X 4.25"H 

Tin (small): 11.5"L X 2"W X 12"H (from Michaels)

Tin (large): 18"L x 1.5"W x 22"H (from Urban Barn)

Silver: 8.75"L x 1"W x 9"H (from Chapters-Indigo)

Transparent Gold:  7"L X 1"W X 6"H (from Anthropology)

Lowercase Red: 6”L x 2.75”W x 5.75”H (ceramic) 

These are pre-loved items.

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