Sijo Plant Pot -Green

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Our beautiful Sijo Plant Pots are made locally by Eco-Prints. Eco-Prints is the brainchild of two university students from Winnipeg tired of seeing plastic waste pile up. "We decided to produce a range of products using corn-based material called PLA. PLA is light. durable for indoor and outdoor use and cruelty-free" 

The Sijo Plant Pots are from a series of geometrical pots that are designed to maximize aeration to the roots and allow sufficient drainage. Made from plant-based materials and other natural materials, it's light weight and strong.

Sijo Plant Pots can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Available in a Hexagon shape.


5": 5.25"H X 6"D (5.25"ID)

This is a new item.

Plants sold separately.

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